Wine Wednesdays: What You Need for a Perfect Wine Night

      Something about a wine and cheese party just seems so grown up and sophisticated, right? I love getting together with the girls (and occasionally some of the guys, too) for a few glasses of wine, some cheese, and just a nice, relaxed night. But we still dress up 😉

Now, there are a few things that you need to make a casual night drinking wine with the girls into an elegant, yet totally effortless party.

Set the Mood

I was at a friend’s house for a wine night before we went to the bars, and the power went out on us. Normally, this would spell disaster, but we busted out what felt like a hundred different candles and kept the party going. The candles made the whole thing feel more intimate. Complete darkness around the candles is a little incessant, but you can totally dim the lights and light some candles, or switch on some twinkle lights if you’re outside on the porch enjoying the warm summer weather.
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The Wine

This one is really obvious, but I have to touch on it. There should be a couple of different wines, since everyone has different tastes, and each wine goes with different types of foods (you can look at the chart that I found below to help figure out what goes best with what you’re serving). You can either supply all of the wine yourself, or have each person bring a different one that they like. Kudos to those people who find some from a more local spot, since I love supporting local places.



The Food

Since it would be really irresponsible to drink without eating, there has to be food. Cheese is the obvious choice here, and I will stand by it, because I love cheese. You can add other things like fruits, nuts, or crackers to the trays. Adding other things like a veggie tray with ranch, or a sliced baguette and spinach-artichoke dip would also be great ideas. I usually like to have a cheddar, ghouda, brie, and some other softer cheese as staples for a tray, with grapes, apples, pears, nuts, and crackers surrounding them.

Now, don’t forget to label all the different cheeses so everyone knows what is what! Easy solutinos like post-it flags and toothpicks, or a DIY chalkboard serving tray are my favorites.

photo 2 (2)


Final Notes

Wine nights are relatively simple to throw together, just make sure you have plently of clean wine glasses, some cheese knives and serving dishes ready to go and you’re basically all set. Throw on some music, have the girls over, and have fun! It is Wine Wednesday, after all.

Did I miss anything for a perfect wine night? Let me know!

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