Day 24: Christmas PJ’s

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family has a little tradition we go through. Everyone gets to open one present before they go to bed-it is their PJ’s for the night. And then we all snuggle up with cocoa, watch “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and listen to my dad read The Night Before Christmas. I love this little tradition of ours. And here are some ideas for PJ’s!

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What does your family do before going to bed on Christmas Eve?

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Day 23: Santa is Coming Tomorrow!

SANTA! Does anyone else my age get this excited about Santa? No? Just me? Ok, I’m alright with that. Before going to sleep tomorrow night, make sure everything is ready for the Big Man to come visit.

Have the cookies ready to set out, with your letters if you haven’t sent them to the North Pole yet, and extra points if you have a special plate and mug for Santa. When do you set everything out tomorrow night, make sure no one sneaks in and eats the cookies, and that the stockings are hung by the chimney with care!

Photo sources: eating Santa’s cookies, Santa plate and naughty/nice mug, Santa filling stockings, Dear Santa letter

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, and don’t forget to be good, for goodness sake! Let me know how you prep for the arrival of Santa.

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Day 22: Love Birds in the Snow

Tis the Season…of Engagements! I cannot count how many engagements I have seen in the last couple of weeks. There are lots of festive ways to make the proposal special and memorable for everyone-just keep it a surprise! Here are some of my favorite touches: from using an ornament to deocrate a tree, asking with Christmas lights, walking through the snow, or surrounded by the warm glow of candles. And don’t forget the mistletoe for a kiss afterwards!

Photo sources: Christmas lights, tree ornament, snowy proposal, candlelight, Mistletoe kiss link on my family photo post

I want to hear about all those winter engagements out there!

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Day 21: Wintery Wonderful Birthdays

The month of December, while packed full of Christmas activities, is also full of birthdays of loved ones for me. Having a birthday so close to Christmas often means getting birthday/Christmas combo gifts from friends and relatives, but that just seems unfair to me.

Make just a little extra effort for those you love with birthdays around this time. Just a cupcake and small extra gift on their birthday, or making time a nice dinner/night on the town can go a long way. Just recognize their birthday as a completely separate holiday.

Photo sources: friends partying, Sprinkles cupcake, present

How do you celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays around this time of the year?

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Day 20: Snuggle Up

This time of year is always pretty chilly, even here in Arizona, and whether it’s just you or a house full of guests, you need ways to stay warm. Here are my favorite ways to keep toasty without cranking up the heat in the house.

Lots of cozy blankets and warm layers, like wool socks and blanket scarfs are a must. And if you’re able to, curl up (with or without significant others and/or pets) by the fire with some hot chocolate. If it’s cold enough, everyone will want to cuddle.

Photo sources: blanket scarf, fire place, chunky blanket, hot chocolate, **pugs source can be found on my pet activities post

Tell me how you stay warm in the winter!

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Day 19: Family Dinners

The holidays are filled with family dinners. All sides of the family need to get their time in to see you, and of course it involves lots and lots of food. Stay comfortable, because you will be eating and moving a lot, especially if kids are running around under foot.


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fall outfit

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I like the idea of simple decor and place settings, and letting the food be the star of the show.

christmas dinner table

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kale ceasar

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To keep everyone happy, keep the food and drinks flowing (although if one relative gets sloppy or angry when drunk, be wary!). Have some Christmas tunes going, and if you want to avoid drama, avoid arguing about religion and politics. There are even some articles on how to answer those awkward questions everyone seems to ask (“so are you seeing anyone?”). Also, keep some cards or board games around; they are an instant distraction.



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What are your tips for when the entire family gets togethers?

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Day 18: Working Party Time

Yesterday I talked about the parties you have with friends during the holidays. Today it is about those parties that are thrown by your workplace. In my experience, these are more often cocktail-hour parties, so dress appropriately, and drink in moderation! After all, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. Personally, I love when Santa comes to visit at these parties.


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If the party is at the office, bring some goodies for everyone to share, and let your coworkers know you appreciate them! Little gifts go a long way (ornaments, coffee mugs, etc). Although, if it’s a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange, ignore that- just give gifts to your work BFF’s another time.

Also, expect there to be only snack food, so plan on dinner before or after.


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What are your office holiday parties like?

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