Day 11: Wrap It Up

I think gift wrap is awesome. I love wrapping presents (and trying to confuse the gift receiver by getting creative with wrapping). It should be pretty and fun to open, unless of course, you’re giving a gift to a younger kid who will rip any wrapping to shreds in seconds.

Personally, I prefer more simplistic paper that can be used for a multitude of occasions (so you don’t need a million different rolls stashed away), and then spicing it up with ribbon and tags, maybe even doodles.

Photos: gold star wrap, glitter tags, newspaper wrap, black and white polka dotpine branch tags, brown paper with black bow, red bow and gold writing, gold presents, brown packages with string, black and gold polka dot

How do you wrap up your presents?

samantha rae creative


Day 9: Decorations Everywhere

I love decorating for Christmas. It is honestly one of my favorite things to do, right up there with making (and then eating) those Christmas cookies. Here is some of my inspiration for decorating, and what I ended up being able to accomplish at my family’s house. I personally like simplistic, somewhat rustic decor, with sparkly gold and black, with touches of red, green, and black.

Sources for the above pictures: cone trees, top coffee table, lantern, mistletoe ball, Noel shelf, lower coffee table, glitter branches, stocking shelf, boxed table centerpiece, tree skirt

The above pictures I took of mine and friends houses.

What kind of decor do you like at the holidays?

samantha rae creative