It’s a Pumpkin Party, Charlie Brown!

Call me a basic b*tch because I love fall (yet I hate all things pumpkin flavored, go figure). So, to celebrate the change in season (weird for Arizona, I know) I went out to a local farm and picked some pumpkins to carve.


Local farms, in my opinion, are the best place to get your pumpkins for fall. They are fresh, there are lots of options, and usually, the farm will have a few things for the whole family to do: petting zoo, hay rides, pony rides, and fresh farmers markets.


And after I got my pumpkins, I set about to carving them for Halloween. And it is a great excuse to get some friends together for a little party. It’s a Pumpkin Carving Party!

This one is really simple to throw together; get some friends, a kit to carve the pumpkins, or paint if you want to go that way, designs, pumpkins of course, and some delicious beverages (personally, I like Oktoberfest style beers). After that, get to carving and have fun!

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Yes, I know, my pumpkins are all Harry Potter themed. I am a nerd. What are your pumpkin designs?

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