Valentine’s Day: For the Committed Lovebirds

Yesterday I posted something fun for all the singles to do on V-day, but this time it is all about those who have that special someone to spend the day with. Here are some fun, fresh ideas for what to do on February 14th.


Depending on how warm the weather is outside, pack up a basket for a little afternoon picnic either outside, or on the living room floor. Sipping some nice wine, and lounging around with your loved one is a great way to have a romantic afternoon, without the pressure of dinner reservations and the more traditional Valentine’s dates.


Movie Night Basket

This can also be a little gift for your bf/gf, as well as a date. Include a good movie, a nice blanket to cuddle up under, and snacks, and you are all set. Extra kudos if you set up a projector and screen for a theatre feel.



Ice Skating

If there is a skating rink in your town, I highly suggest this one. You can bond over looking goofy and falling, or one can teach the other how to glide on the ice. Hot chocolate is also a given at the end of the night. Plus, there is a great photo op that comes along with this, it gets you both moving, and its an excuse to hold hands.


Cooking Class

Learn how to cook something new together, be a little silly in the kitchen, and then eat it for your Valentine’s dinner. Maybe it will even become a new favorite.


Speakeasy/Jazz Club

Be a non-criminal version of Bonnie and Clyde- listen to some jazz music and have a few drinks in a bar worthy of prohibition. Dancing is so much more intimate than dinner, anyways.


I hope this gives you a few ideas for this Valentine’s Day with you special someone!

samantha rae creative