Day 21: Wintery Wonderful Birthdays

The month of December, while packed full of Christmas activities, is also full of birthdays of loved ones for me. Having a birthday so close to Christmas often means getting birthday/Christmas combo gifts from friends and relatives, but that just seems unfair to me.

Make just a little extra effort for those you love with birthdays around this time. Just a cupcake and small extra gift on their birthday, or making time a nice dinner/night on the town can go a long way. Just recognize their birthday as a completely separate holiday.

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How do you celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays around this time of the year?

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#feeling 22 Brunch

Over the weekend, I channeled T-Swift, because I am now feeling 22. To celebrate, I got together with a few of the girls for a little brunch. Here are a few things that make brunch into the best meal/party that there is.

For me, the most important thing about brunch is the food. Carbs are your best friend when it comes to brunch- it is all about the bagel-egg sandwhiches, country potatoes, and french toast. Eggs benedict add some extra elegance, fruit provides some variety, and do not forget about the bacon.




The next part is what everyone else seems to love about brunch (besides eating great food around noon): the drinks. I am personally a big fan a build-your-own mimosa and bloody-mary bars. It allows every guest to make the cocktail exactly as they like it, and can be a great way to keep people moving and talking.



Setting is just as important as the food and drinks, though. Place settings should be clean and modern, with pops of color, which can also come from paper lanterns above the tables, and flowers spread throughout. I like the pink and orange combo, because it is bright, and reminds me of spring.




With good food, bright settings, and lots of good friends to hang out with on a Sunday afternoon, a spring brunch is the perfect way to celebrate turning another year older.

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