Adults-Only Reception- Should You Have One?

Over the weekend, I got to go to the wedding reception of an old friend, and it was adults only. Can you believe it, no kids allowed! Most of the people attending with married with kids, too. And honestly, I had a lot of fun. Here are some things that you can keep in mind if you are thinking about having a kiddo-free wedding/reception.


No Planning for Kid Entertainment, or Child Care

Lots of people provide entertainment for the little ones that join the wedding, like coloring books and games that are set up for them. Other couples have a separate area close to the reception site with people there to babysit the children while the adults party at the reception. If you go the adults-only route, you do not have to worry about any of this, and it might save you some extra money, but…

It Might Annoy the Parents

Now parents have to find someone to watch their kids while they come to celebrate your wedding, adding to their expenses. It might even prevent them from coming if they can’t find a sitter. Others might be grateful for the night or two off, but it is something to consider.

Less Concern with Music Choices

You won’t have to worry about any pre-teens requesting Justin Beiber from the dj, or having to choose cleaned up versions of your favorite songs. You just want to belt out the original lyrics, but you can’t sing cuss-words when there are 5-year-olds running around.

No comment on how Grandma would react to listening to J.T. singing “Sexy Back”.

You Can Party More with Friends

Those who do come to the reception sans offspring don’t have the responsibility of looking after the kids that night, so they can have a lot more fun (if they so choose). If they’re staying at a hotel and not driving, then they can drink and dance until they drop. No worries about bed times, or hangovers the next morning.

You Might Miss the Rugrats

You might miss dancing with little kids at the reception-its fun getting them to twist and shake with you, or stand on your feet/hold the  during a slow song. Plus they make for great pictures. These might be memories that you want down the road, especially if its your nieces/nephews/cousins.

It’s honestly your choice if you want to have kids at your wedding or not. Just keep these few things in mind when making your decision.samantha rae creative