Day 19: Family Dinners

The holidays are filled with family dinners. All sides of the family need to get their time in to see you, and of course it involves lots and lots of food. Stay comfortable, because you will be eating and moving a lot, especially if kids are running around under foot.


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fall outfit

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I like the idea of simple decor and place settings, and letting the food be the star of the show.

christmas dinner table

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kale ceasar

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To keep everyone happy, keep the food and drinks flowing (although if one relative gets sloppy or angry when drunk, be wary!). Have some Christmas tunes going, and if you want to avoid drama, avoid arguing about religion and politics. There are even some articles on how to answer those awkward questions everyone seems to ask (“so are you seeing anyone?”). Also, keep some cards or board games around; they are an instant distraction.



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What are your tips for when the entire family gets togethers?

samantha rae creative


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