Day 16: Pet Playtime

I love animals-often times more than I like people. So, for those of you like me, here are some ideas on how to get your pets involved in the holiday festivities. They especially need some extra attention if they need to be left alone while you’re celebrating and friends and family’s houses.

Take them to go see Santa; often pet stores will do this during the holidays, and it makes for a pretty cute photo. Or wrap them in lights when decorating. Again, it’s a great photo op.


Photo found here


These are our puppes!

Play in the snow with them! Most dogs I know love jumping around and burying their faces in the powdery snow.  And it will wear them out enough that you can get things done around the house without them getting in the way-they’ll be busy snoozing by the fire!

Dogs playing in the snow

Photo found here


Photo found here

Get them special for Christmas, like special fresh treats from the pet bakery and some new chew toys, and put it all in their own stocking.


Photo found here


Photo found here

And finally, do some good by donating to your local humane society (they often offer holiday cards and calendars for the next year). Or adopt a pet if you’re thinking of adding to your furry family!

Is there anything special you do for your pets during the holidays?

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5 thoughts on “Day 16: Pet Playtime

  1. We have a dog and always get her a stocking filled with dog toys and treats for Christmas, it would feel weird if we didn’t, she’s part of the family!

    Great post 🙂

    • I completely agree! The dogs we have are family, too, and when everyone gets together, there are a lot of them! They deserve some special treats during the holidays. I’m actually scoping out local pet bakeries for some fresh goodies for all of them!

      • I bet they will love that! It’s such a good idea, I had never even considered pet bakeries! I will have to see if there are any near by! 🙂

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