Day 12: Sending Love

Is anyone else frantically trying to get Christmas cards out? Normally, I would have opted for the nice printed ones that you can order online and print with messages, but I couldn’t get a good picture for those (even though I wrote a post on family photos for those cards!). Now I am sending regular greeting cards that  can personalize with a note inside.

There are some up-sides to this, though. I can make each card personal, and for my non-Christian friends, can get a holiday or Hanukkah card instead.

And then there is sending out generic ones to business associates/clients. I had to help my dad with this one earlier. They’re like a thank you for the past year, and you still have to be professional (so none of the family photo cards!)

Sources: ornament card, blue wreath card, family card and baby card,

Don’t forget to display them when you get these holiday cards from friends and family!

What are your tips for Christmas cards?

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