Day 8: Walking In a Winter Wonderland

While it is cold and icy out during the winter, that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of fun things to do, and some of them might even keep you warm! Take a look at some of the things I love to do when it gets cold and snowy (yes, it happens in Arizona), and let me know if I missed one of your favorites.

Ice Skating:

Now, unfortunately, Arizona doesn’t get the massive frozen lakes that we can all go skating on, like the Midwest does. So instead, we go to indoor ice rinks. This is a good way to get the blood pumping, and an excuse to hold hands with your sweetie. Just try to avoid looking like a baby deer sliding around, like I do.


There are actually lots hills in my town, so this is pretty common. Just grab a disk/sled/whatever you can get, and race down the hills!

Walking through the lights:

I wrote a whole other post on the lights, but it’s still making this list. See which house in your neighborhood has the biggest display, or make a scavenger hunt to see what you can find in each yard.


Snowball fight:

Everyone loves a little competition, and it gets the blood pumping in the cold air. Just make sure there aren’t any rocks inside!


Horse/sleigh ride:

I love horse-rides, and whether it be a romantic couples sleigh ride, or one with the whole family, they just make things magical.

Build a snowman/make snow angels:

Get those creative juices flowing!

After getting outside for a little while, head back in to warm up by a fire with some cocoa and cookies!

samantha rae creative


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