Day 1: Advent Calendars

I can’t think of a better way of starting off my 25 Days of Christmas than with the different types of advent calendars (some of which you can make at home)! Advent calendars count down the days until Christmas, and that is exactly what I am doing here! Take a look below to see some of my favorites.

Since I was a little girl my dad always brought home a chocolate advent calendar for me and my older sister. Every day, we got to open one of the little flaps on the calendar and get a little sweet treat. This tradition is going to carry on, because I love chocolate- we are just going to buy calendars with better chocolate, like Ghiradelli.

If you don’t want to do the treat calendar, you can choose something along the lines of ornament calendars. Every day, you add another ornament to the tree (there are felt versions for little kiddos, too). If you are religious, you can even have the ornaments list the different names of Christ on them.

Or you can have a calendar that has activities to do every day. These can include finding a tree, building a snowman, watching movies, decorating the house, making cookies, doing community service, etc. This gets you moving and making memories.

With these advent calendars, counting down to Christmas will be fun! Let me know how you are counting down the days, and check back in tomorrow for another day of Christmas cheer!

samantha rae creative



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