Here’s a Bunch of Ways to Use Mason Jars

I proudly claim to be a country girl at heart, which explains my love of mason jars. They are good for so much more than canning food (which is how my family mostly used them until my sister and I discovered Pinterest, and they are relatively cheap to buy a few cases of them. Here are some really cool ways to incorporate them in other aspects of an event (or in your home).


Since mason jars come in all different sizes, they are great for multi leveled vases, while keeping the whole look cohesive. This is great for a more rustic style. You can even paint them or tie fabric/ribbon around them to suit the theme of the event.



Candle Holders

This is very similar to the vases: different sizes can be used, and either adding a coat of glitter, or wrapping them in lace can give a special feel to the light that they give off. Layering beads or sand can add to the decor, as can having candles float in mason jars filled with water. Another option is to make them into hanging lanterns.





Reusable glasses that guests can take home as favors at the end of the night is one great option. Add chalkboard labels for guests’ names, and they can double as escort cards. There are even miniature versions that you can use as shot glasses.


w-Mason-Jar-Shot-Glasses-197535 Photo Frames

There are some DIY tutorials on how to make photo frames using mason jars. Placing these around any event add sentimentality, and is a great way to show off memories that are important to the host.



Decor from the Lids

Just scrolling through Google, I found a ton of different ideas just using the lids from mason jars. A pumpkin made from the rim and cinnamon sticks, a wreath for the door, Christmas ornaments, and even a banner. This are just as versatile as the actual jars!





Memories/Date Nights

Instead of a signing a guest book that will more than likely get stuck in a box, use a mason jar and popsicle sticks to have guests write down date night ideas, or marriage advice, for the happy couple, or write slips of paper with favorite memories with the host; it is sentimental, and something people will actually look at.



Desserts to Go

If guests can’t stay for the entire event, or you want to hand out food as the favors, cupcakes in a mason jar are a great choice. You can also opt for a “fill the jar candy bar” or baking mix favors. Either way, guests get something sweet to take home with them.





I already touched on this in an earlier post. You can use these jars to hold utensils in more casual events, or use them for storage around the house. I have a large mason jar bank that gets all my change from my pockets at the end of the day. These jars also make great pen caddies. They are pretty handy.


Canning (Yes, Canning)

It is family tradition, so I have to mention it. Every year, my dad spends about a week canning green chilies, and those cans are then handed out as gifts, or stored for use for the year. He also makes jams in mason jars. You can honestly base an entire party on making these types of things, and guests get to take home some of the finished project. It can be a casual weekend of entertainment, with some goodies at the end of it.


Did you know about all of these different uses for mason jars? I honestly want to invest in a few cases of them and do so many different things!

                   samantha rae creative


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