How to Create a Picture Perfect Photo Booth (Part 1)

A while back, when I talked about my graduation party, I promised that I would go into detail about photo booths for events. Well, here is part 1 of 2 on that! It is going to be all about the backgrounds today, since it is the base for all of the photos taken at the booth.



I like to have a very basic backdrop to start with: it keeps everything clean and uniform, so the guests and props really pop against it. Sheets or curtains in pale colors, or classic neutrals (black, white, grey) are all great options. At my friend’s house, they had black floor length curtains on their patio doors. Close them up, and they were the perfect backdrop.


Next, to add a little visual interest, do something with banners or streamers, or even a strand of colored twinkle lights, that go along with the party theme. There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest (which is where I found a lot of these) so you can whip them out yourself (or another crafty friend).



I’s also seen these balloon backgrounds on Pinterest, and I think they are really fun! They are just a little distracting for me.


With a background like one of these, you can easily have great photos from any event (as long as the person knows how to work the camera). I would love to hear all of your thoughts!

samantha rae creative


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