Mardi Gras Style Wedding

Continuing with the Mardi Gras style events, I am showing some inspiration to translate the elaborate carnivale/masquerade feel to an elegant wedding.

While the invitations will still be festive, I like these toned down ones. A simple fleur de lis, a symbol of the city of New Orleans, or a single masquerade mask, make a statement and set the feel from the beginning. The same styling should also be used on the menus at the venue.



The same thing goes for the decorations- simple, yet festive. Rich purples all around with accents of gold, with a mask or two accenting the flowers (I personally like purple orchids for the bouquets and centerpieces) and lighting.




Classic style beignets make for great finger food during cocktail hour, and you can even make a hurricane one of the couple’s signature drinks at the bar. Gumbo or jumbalaya have a great down-home feel for dinner. Cajun flavored chicken can also be a nice alternative.




Louisiana is about the hot sauce, so having mini bottles of it can be a great favor, as well as masks that the guests can take pictures in at a photobooth.



For other little touches, take pictures in a picturesque historic part of the town, have a jazz-filled parade to the reception from the ceremony, and dance around with parasols to the sound of saxophones and trumpets.




Every wedding should be a big party to celebrate the happy couple’s new life together, and while it may not be as wild and crazy as Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, it can still have some of the same feel.

             samantha rae creative


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