Party On Bourbon Street

In honor of Mardi Gras being tomorrow, I decided to put together a little inspiration for a Mardi Gras themes party.

As always, invitations always clue the guests in about what the party is all about. I like the ones with the dark purple or green background, because gold writing really stands out on it. Don’t forget to have a mask on beads on there!



Following that, make sure the decor gets attention, too. Lots of beads everywhere, banners, and of course, masks (which also make a great favor!) Jazz music also helps set the mood- let the trumpets roar!



Finally, do not forget about the food (always my favorite part)! I like to go for the classics, with beignets, gumbo and jambalaya, crawdads, hurricanes, and of course a King’s Cake. You can even order them from bakeries in New Orleans for an authentic quality- they even bake the toy baby into it for you.






I hope this gets people into the mood for Fat Tuesday, to party up before the Lent season starts.

samantha rae creative


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