Valentine’s Day: For the Single Ladies and Gentlment

While Valentine’s Day is usually a day for romance for all of those people who have a significant other come February 14th. All of the singles out there deserve a little love on this day, too, though. The best way to celebrate being single this is, of course, a party! While of course it can be a great excuse for a wine night with a heart-shaped pizza with the girls, or grabbing a few brews with the boys, I think that it should be a little more eventful.

I’ve been hearing about lock-and-key, or shackle parties, around this time of year for awhile now. The basic concept is that two single people are randomly paired together, either through the use of keys for one gender, and locks for the other, or picking names out of a bowl and then being tied to or handcuffed to that person for the night. I like this idea, because it gets people who might not normally talk to one another, to break the ice and get to know each other.



In these parties, have a more romantic air is a good idea. Lots of champagne, chocolate strawberries, cupcakes, and other finger foods that can be eaten with one hand are essential. Hearts everywhere, and gold bright vibrant red also set the mood. Don’t forget about a cute photo taking station with a fun background, and colorful invitations!


valentine party invites







If you and your friends are single on Valentine’s Day, instead of sulking and watching 50 Shades of Grey, have a party and get to know some new people.

samantha rae creative


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